I want to be an honest man and a good writer.
— James Baldwin


“Like the shadow I am and I am not.”
— Rumi

Day Sibley (b. 1992) is a interdisciplinary artist based in southern Nevada. She’s been published in The Quail BellThe DrabbleNeon Dreams and more. She competed in the Battle Born poetry slam, studied creative writing at CSN, and interned for the Red Rock Review-Journal. Outside her day job, she’s probably working out, reading classics, learning videography or studying Jyotish.




Neon Dreams (formerly known as the Silver Compass) is an annually published book showcasing the work of writers and visual artist that are attending the College of Southern Nevada. Created by Yelena Bailey-Kirby, Neon Dreams focuses on encompassing the art to evoke emotion from its reader and striving for great in presentation.

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50 Haikus represents the best of American Haiku today. American Haiku is brash, breaking the rules and riding the line between tradition and the American spirit (reaching out, pressing the possibilities of form and voice). American Haiku has emerged, influencing poetry in the US and everywhere poets are listening. The 50 Haikus journal receives beautiful works of haiku from around the world.

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