Messy Side of Human Beings

You know one of the things being an introvert has taught me, it’s that messy people congregate in groups. Always! Maybe I’m the only one who has bared witness to this, but for me, they only get bold when they’re with their circle, by themselves, they’ll either ignore you or act like they are innocent.

People like this can’t hold their own to save their lives if drama they started comes into play, confront them and they’ll sing a symphony of woes.

I got to give it to them, they are great actors, but horrible people off the screen, but I feel bad for people like that to be honest. They don’t know how to live life without hurting people (this can also be someone they say they care about) they feel justice should be served if they feel wronged but not the other way around.

I always advocate that you should defend yourself mentally, physically and emotionally, but if you can help it stay away from them! They eat toxicity for breakfast and like the devils they are trying to make you the bad guy. So in short screw them.

2 thoughts on “Messy Side of Human Beings

    1. That is one of the prices you have to pay when you live and learn, especially if they used to be good people, but hey there’s tons of people out there who are willing to share genuinely-positive vibes and my door is never closed to that.

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