Funny how we spend our time
getting ready for the cyber world
forgetting about our present reality.
Accustomed to having 100+ friends
on Facebook
half of whom we will never see.
We Tweet every aspect of our lives
but forget the most important thing
that is to live!
Social media is taking its toll
we have lost everything that made us
Quick to share our views of the world
that is eating us alive before typing
the words out. Viewers, chiming in on
the fun picking and tearing at another’s
mistaken for stupidity, stupidity took for intellect.
Our unstimulating minds feeding the lies.

— To’Wednesday Sibley & Xavier Frazer, Click


I am Xavier Frazer, but you can call me Xay. Father first, Poet second. I am from Kingston, Jamaica. “Pen to paper defines me, the art of writing confines me. Poetry is my freedom, without it I will go insane.”

• • •

Hello, my name is To’ Wednesday—seriously. I’m an old soul living in a twenty-three-year-old body. I’m a Nevadan and a creative writing major who likes social studies and history.