Untitled Forty-six

The earth is on fire
Mother Earth is okay with that.
She has been ready
to perish with all the hurt inside
for a long time.

3 comments on “Untitled Forty-six

  1. I enjoy this poem. It touches on something that most humans fail to understand. Climate change is a problem, yes, of course. But some world leaders and the bulk of scientists champion saving our planet. And the truth is, whether we correct climate change or not, the planet will be fine. The planet will survive for millions of years after humans have faded from Earth’s memory. We need to acknowledge that we are trying to save ourselves. Mother Earth will not weep when we are gone.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the poem.This piece in particular is going far beyond the extension of what we as people classify as nature, especially during these peril times that were facing not just climate change but how we treat each other.

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