How to Delete Facebook? Here’s How.

So I got my first Facebook page around 2010—this was the time when MySpace was still popular, then deleted it around 2012 because I got bored. I decided to get another one the year after to boost my then blog The Young Book Collector but it didn’t go well, anyway, I decided to keep it because my friends and family had one too.

Since then, I’ve been involved with social justice issues, and I’ve found Facebook to be really toxic. For now, my personal account has been deactivated, and my page is being run by a family friend for updates.

But how come Facebook won’t let you delete your account? I’m guessing for financial reason, more people more money. Who knows, but to make a long story short log into your account, then click on this link in case you want to delete your account.

To’Wednesday Sibley

3 comments on “How to Delete Facebook? Here’s How.

  1. It’s interesting that you posted this. My life partner has come to the same conclusion. Toxic is a good way to put it. People only nod their head and say amen to memes, without any real desire to communicate. Thanks for the link.

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    • No problem, I just can’t deal with it anymore! Sometimes the memes make sense and MOST of the time it’s bullshit. Right now Twitter not so bad but if it starts becoming a problem I’ll be happy to delete it to.


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