America the Forsake

I’m scared for my country.
It belongs to rough pale masculine
hands breed to pillage and take with
straightforward tongue, twisted dominance.
Its leaders reflect that of a parent to a child.
Showing pain cloaked and ready for war.
Let this country mirror the fool or the
devil who acts like a saint!

One comment on “America the Forsake

  1. It’s almost beyond commenting. I will remember the pride I felt when Obama was elected. I remember the anger I felt when they thwarted him, and then I remember the numbness I felt when he began to just give in to corporate America. His election came on the dawn of everyone’s anger and dismay at an eight year GW Bush presidency. Obama was elected and the true hatred that this country harbors, bubbled to the surface. Cream is not the only thing that rises to the top. And now in response to a Obama presidency, a fascist despot has been elected, who can easily be compared to Nixon and Hitler rolled into one. Everyone thought Hitler was too much of a buffoon to rise to power as well. I don’t know what is in store for us. For the LGBT, the black, the brown, the female, the poor, the different. It could very be nothing, but the countless possibilities should leave us all shaken.

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