“Like the shadow I am and I am not.”
— Rumi 

To’Wednesday Sibley (b. 1992) better known by her pen-name, Day, was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada with her two older brothers and creole parents based out of Louisiana. Her first poem “Bloodshed” was published in Neon Dreams, followed by The Drabble, Quail Bell Magazine, 50 haiku’s and more. While attending CSN, she interned for the Red Rock Review journal for over a year. Meanwhile, she was competing on and off at her local poetry slam when she decided to create a vlog called Wal Poetry, before starting her own literary journal Dream Noir in 2018. When Day isn’t working she’s most likely exercising, spreading social consciousnesses, or learning Jyotish and videography. She’s currently working on her B.A. at Nevada State College.