WordPress Help!

Umm… okay, so I’ve been on WordPress for a while and I’ve noticed that I’m getting a lot of traffic, but barely any comments. I like talking to people, so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or what. Anyway,  just putting it out there PLEASE COMMENT I want to talk to YOU! If […]

Friends and Poets and Performers I just want to be clear on something, when we walk up to the mic and take that breath, we are not being dramatic or cliché. We are saying we care. We are attempting to live in that moment and re-engage with the piece, convince ourselves we made the right choice, that this is the one they have to hear from me, this is what I must share. We take that breath because we don't want to fuck up our good, good work and embarrass ourselves/poetry parents/ that good art we been craftin'. We are saying our work deserves a breath. When I breathe before I begin my poem, I am really saying "don't fuck it up" and "you bet not fart during this poem." ― AKeemjamal Rollins, author of Suicide Note

Dear Writers

I honestly believe that as a writer, if you can’t take constructive criticism then why even write? Seriously! You can grow to become better in your written pieces; so why would you not take the opportunity? Not doing so either means you think you mastered the craft or you’re really sensitive towards feedback. Well get […]


Why ‘Slam Poetry’ Is Not a Genre

Originally posted on Katie Ailes:
My last post responded to the way media sources were misconstruing Sarah Palin’s endorsement speech for Donald Trump as “slam poetry.” I gave several reasons why I consider that use of that term to be inaccurate and rather rude, including that the use of ‘slam poetry’ as shorthand for rambling, incoherent utterances…