Untitled One

 For Brittany Hutchinson

You saw through my sash and crown, a broken shard of
caked makeup
this…fucking beauty pageant queen! You took my sharp
tongue that many
cower under and called bullshit. I guess pain recognized
pain. Yet you still
found the beauty in the worst of humanity. I still wonder
how you see the beauty in me.

— To’Wednesday M. Sibley, Untitled One


don’t stop.
Fuck me!
right there,
oh baby!
I’m gonna

— To’Wednesday Sibley, Ah

About Boss Nails…

So a while back I was watching the premiere of the new television series called “Boss Nails” a Miami nail shop owned by Dana Cody, a twenty-something-year-old black woman trying to further her business to the top. I love seeing a woman I share a commonality with to me it is very inspiring seeing someone young like me doing it big. However, there is something I found troubling in one of the scenes that I just can’t wrap my mind around.

As I was watching it was revealed that Dana is married to George Tiechner, who is the seventy-seven-year-old father of Aviva Drescher, haven’t heard of her? Does the Real Housewives of New York ring any bell? Dana talked about the issue of people immediately perceiving her relationship to her husband like she’s his whore and do you know what this fool said? “You’re my whore you are my everything” I’m dead serious!

First off, you shouldn’t think of your wife as a whore even in a light-hearted sense, you just shouldn’t. It’s bad enough that there’s an overwhelming stereotype of a black woman being seen by a white man that she automatically a hooker, and do you know what Dana did? She laughs it off! Needless to say, no partner of mine would talk to me like that Dana, don’t tolerate foolishness like that especially if that is not your character.

To’Wednesday Sibley

Messy Side of Human Beings

You know one of the things being an introvert has taught me, it’s that messy people congregate in groups. Always! Maybe I’m the only one who has bared witness to this, but for me, they only get bold when they’re with their circle, by themselves, they’ll either ignore you or act like they are innocent.

People like this can’t hold their own to save their lives if drama they started comes into play, confront them and they’ll sing a symphony of woes.

I got to give it to them, they are great actors, but horrible people off the screen, but I feel bad for people like that to be honest. They don’t know how to live life without hurting people (this can also be someone they say they care about) they feel justice should be served if they feel wronged but not the other way around.

I always advocate that you should defend yourself mentally, physically and emotionally, but if you can help it stay away from them! They eat toxicity for breakfast and like the devils they are trying to make you the bad guy. So in short screw them.