How Poets Say Goodbye

When it is time
I will be done with
all I have
to say in this world.
All you will have of
is the writings I left


Did You Hear?

Zainab Amin

Today a country
mourns the blood that was spilled
Of a young girl.


RIP Rashawn Brazell

They come in smiles
and call themselves friends of yours.
Careful, of devils.


R.I.P. Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña

Friend, I rather die
than live, knowing I could’ve
helped you but didn’t.

Untitled Ninety-eight

Didn’t mean to– and no this isn’t a sorry. I wasn’t trying to come off like

that, rude. I–It’s just, connecting is really hard, especially when you feel

alone. I didn’t stop trying though, maybe not hard enough. See, I use to think I

was afraid of connecting to people, now I’m just scared of them leaving. Why

wasn’t the connection strong enough to stay?

— Day Sibley

Please Don’t Tempt US

Push me to the edge all my friends are dead!
— Lil Uzi Vert, Xo Tour Life



speaking shadows

losing grip


shots firing in my mind.


Cardiac Arrest

June 7, 2017

vibrating body
waves of light
suspended air
disorient sounds
this is what it feels like to die.

— day sibley, cardiac arrest 



Silence stands

the motionless body

lays quietly in its new bed

surrounded by the dry earth.

Sounds of tears weigh heavy above.

This One Is for You

I miss you Papa (Grandpa)

Day Sibley

Time has passed
Yet I still cherish your warm smile
and those welcoming hugs I hold dearly,
as you whispered words of encouragement
and tender love.
Now in the hands of God and loved ones
they’ll get to experience the very thing
close to my heart.
Until then…

R.I.P. William Carroll

Originally published on October 7, 2015


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