Didn’t I…



He wasn’t appreciated much
most artist ain’t.
With his fur collar, pimp stroll—
hair slick back
smooth mouth…know how make yo hips move
put you in a mood,
where you don’t wanna to get out of yo feelings.


You’re the Real MVP

I have opened myself to being

vulnerable—and I thank you.

For teaching me to swallow the

good and the bad.

You have taught me too be brave

at everything I do.


Bad Mind

Trying to take refuge in a body
waring itself to live
with a mind getting too comfortable with death
your tongue clutching onto survival.

Untitled Ninety-eight

Didn’t mean to– and no this isn’t a sorry. I wasn’t trying to come off like

that, rude. I–It’s just, connecting is really hard, especially when you feel

alone. I didn’t stop trying though, maybe not hard enough. See, I use to think I

was afraid of connecting to people, now I’m just scared of them leaving. Why

wasn’t the connection strong enough to stay?

— Day Sibley