How to Delete Facebook? Here’s How.

So I got my first Facebook page around 2010—this was the time when MySpace was still popular, then deleted it around 2012 because I got bored. I decided to get another one the year after to boost my then blog The Young Book Collector but it didn’t go well, anyway, I decided to keep it because my friends and family had one too.

Since then, I’ve been involved with social justice issues, and I’ve found Facebook to be really toxic. For now, my personal account has been deactivated, and my page is being run by a family friend for updates.

But how come Facebook won’t let you delete your account? I’m guessing for financial reason, more people more money. Who knows, but to make a long story short log into your account, then click on this link in case you want to delete your account.

To’Wednesday Sibley

Beyoncé, Black Pride and Misogynoir

Through all the hurrahs, long commercials, and bad calls made by the referees millions tuned in to see who would be this year’s super bowl champ. The big talk of the town that’s been flooding my Facebook news feed was Beyoncé performed during halftime, and for the most part, I liked it. She and Bruno Mars were giving us a little Janet and Michael in their choreography, the only thing I didn’t like was the theme Beyoncé went with. Yes! I said it.

Now I know what y’all are going to say, why am I hating? She is just trying to show black appreciation during these pearl times when anti-blackness is reaching its peak. I get it. In all seriousness, I’m not trying to rain on her parade. However, the history of the Black Panther party resonated something in me to write this and the role that black women had to endure participating in this memorable movement.

The socialist party was created in Oakland, California in 1966. The mission of the group was providing education to youth, shelter, gun rights, and most famously being pro-black. Very good intent, but, unfortunately, some individuals sought after personal gain and to top it off with misogynoir.

You have many women who were prominent figures in the BBP who witness male-chauvinism first hand. Assata Shakur even recounted that “you had to develop this whole arrogant kind of macho style in order to be heard.” Elaine Brown, a former chairwoman of the Black Panther party, left the organization after Huey Newton issued corporal punishment on an administrator of the Panther Liberation School (Regina Davis) for reprimanding a coworker who didn’t do his work.

Regina Jennings (former member based in California) who was treated poorly by her captain because she ignored his advances. Eldridge Cleaver, a respected but not well-liked leader, was known for beating his wife Kathleen Cleaver. To make matters worse Mr. Cleaver was a convicted rapist with black and white women. Even though gender equality was implemented by the organization, it failed to deliver its favoritism towards masculinity.

Unfortunately, that’s what the theme of her performance resonated with me. Misogynoir, and it is still prevalent today. I won’t lie, it hurts when I see or hear a black man displaying that behavior because it doesn’t unify the community or build trust in one another. Even though we are racially oppressed, black (cisgender) men still have male privileges that need to be taken into account, instead of being brushed under the rug while black women get ignored.

To’Wednesday Sibley

Yea…about Tomi Lahren

Okay, so about a month ago Tomi Lahren made a very interesting comment regarding Beyoncé performance at the 2016 Super Bowl. Tomi and many others alike were the least thrilled, and that’s okay, she doesn’t have to like it. However, I did find it hilarious that she felt the need to blasphemies the intent of the Black Lives Matter movement and spread a minority myth that blacks are the only ones looting a neighborhood.

Pretty darn sure the thought hadn’t crossed Tomi’s mind that looting is universal, even for people that look like her. Know what else I found quite interestingly odd? That she had the nerve to insinuate that Beyonce was using her fame for a political agenda to “overthrow white domination” these were Miss Lahren’s exact words.

She’s racist!

People like her don’t acknowledge what is going on in their own community, and diminishing others. Has the nerve to label, the Black Panther party as a terrorist group, but deflects her answers about the KKK. Tomi’s one of those people who feels the need to insert her superiority over someone and dictate how they should act. Bye, Stacey!

Macklemore, White Privileges and a Dying Culture?

It always gives me a sigh of relief when a white person recognizes their white privileges, there! When I encounter people like this, I don’t have to worry about explaining how the system of institutional racism works, I don’t have to worry about going into detail on how reverse-racism is nonexistent, or how prejudice predicaments work in various ways for everyone but worse for those who aren’t favored in society.

But what happens when someone from the majority group misses the mark when addressing these issues? Easy, it crashes and burns and has nowhere to go, but the subject still lingers nevertheless. Recently, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, hip-hop artist, addressed these issues in his new song called White Privilege II.

It was a bold move, calling out people such as Elvis, Iggy Azalea and Miley Cyrus for taking something from a black-American culture using it for profit and not caring about the racial issues blacks face in the west. Hell, worldwide! Various music enthusiast says Macklemore’s delivery failed because he’s not lyrically talented, therefore, won’t be taken seriously.

Now if someone wants to debate whether he’s a good artist or not go for it, but I have a different notion as to why his approach fell on deaf ears. One, he’s criticizing people who are partaking in the same activity he’s doing as well. Um… hello? Hip-hop is a part of the black culture!

Take jazz music, for instance, it was diminished by the majority when it first hit the scene. Then here comes some little white kid finding the beauty and going around mimicking it, then all of a sudden it’s freaking awesome! Even though it’s been around for years, now it’s fucking cool. Are you kidding me? Macklemore, you can’t call people out of this without making yourself look like a hypocrite.

Also, Macklemore picked easy targets to get his point across without any repercussion. Who were the easy targets? The women, the white women who famously love black culture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of them for various reasons, but notice how he didn’t call out Eminem, Yelawolf, G-Eazy, MGK, Mack Miller, Slim Jesus…

It’s bad enough having to be a conscious POC and seeing something your community created get exploited and glamorized all at once. Made out to be the villain in society only to be idolized behind closed doors. It is a damn shame! I only leave you with this reader, do you like your tea hot or cold?

To’Wednesday Sibley

About Boss Nails…

So a while back I was watching the premiere of the new television series called “Boss Nails” a Miami nail shop owned by Dana Cody, a twenty-something-year-old black woman trying to further her business to the top. I love seeing a woman I share a commonality with to me it is very inspiring seeing someone young like me doing it big. However, there is something I found troubling in one of the scenes that I just can’t wrap my mind around.

As I was watching it was revealed that Dana is married to George Tiechner, who is the seventy-seven-year-old father of Aviva Drescher, haven’t heard of her? Does the Real Housewives of New York ring any bell? Dana talked about the issue of people immediately perceiving her relationship to her husband like she’s his whore and do you know what this fool said? “You’re my whore you are my everything” I’m dead serious!

First off, you shouldn’t think of your wife as a whore even in a light-hearted sense, you just shouldn’t. It’s bad enough that there’s an overwhelming stereotype of a black woman being seen by a white man that she automatically a hooker, and do you know what Dana did? She laughs it off! Needless to say, no partner of mine would talk to me like that Dana, don’t tolerate foolishness like that especially if that is not your character.

To’Wednesday Sibley