Untitled Ninety-eight

Didn’t mean to– and no this isn’t a sorry. I wasn’t trying to come off like

that, rude. I–It’s just, connecting is really hard, especially when you feel

alone. I didn’t stop trying though, maybe not hard enough. See, I use to think I

was afraid of connecting to people, now I’m just scared of them leaving. Why

wasn’t the connection strong enough to stay?

— Day Sibley

Untitled Thirty-seven

God made humans because he was lonely. If I were him, I wouldn’t mind the solitude.

You see us humans can be rather noisy sometimes. I wonder how does he get all

His work done in the midst of distractions. Okay, sure, he has angels and what not maybe

that’s why everyone is going in. Maybe God needs more helping hands for what’s going

on. If the folks that went in didn’t go to Hell first. But people change, I wonder if they

do after Death comes for them. You never know, I mean God you know what they say

right? Beggars can’t be choosers.