This the Common Air That Bathes Us

That’s what she said.

That’s what he said.

That’s what she, he, you, me, we said.

Said it to each other

Said it across long distance phone calls

and short distance pillow talks.

Said it to the mirror,

probably not often enough.

Said it to dogs in high-pitched voices,

and, in face licks and tail wags,

definitely had it returned

in ways other than words.

Said it on accident.

Said it too soon.

Said it too late.

Said it amidst arguments

that were never worth having.

Said it during love making

which was definitely worth having.

Said it to unborn children

Said it quietly over the graves of those now gone.

Said it to our parents

Said it to our parents exponentially more frequently

when we were low on cash.

Said it to the sky.

Said it to the stars.

Said it late at night

to new friends in old bars.

Said it in too many languages to count.

Said it soft,

then said it loud,

then said it louder,

and when it still wasn’t said loud enough

we created a Facebook event page

and invited everyone

so that we could all set our clocks just right

and simultaneously say it at the same time,

and after we did,

the earth grew a little quieter,

see, somehow we all collectively decided,

that anything that was ever worth saying,

had already been said.

I love you.


How to Delete Facebook? Here’s How.

So I got my first Facebook page around 2010—this was the time when MySpace was still popular, then deleted it around 2012 because I got bored. I decided to get another one the year after to boost my then blog The Young Book Collector but it didn’t go well, anyway, I decided to keep it because my friends and family had one too.

Since then, I’ve been involved with social justice issues, and I’ve found Facebook to be really toxic. For now, my personal account has been deactivated, and my page is being run by a family friend for updates.

But how come Facebook won’t let you delete your account? I’m guessing for financial reason, more people more money. Who knows, but to make a long story short log into your account, then click on this link in case you want to delete your account.

To’Wednesday Sibley


Funny how we spend our time
getting ready for the cyber world
forgetting about our present reality.
Accustomed to having 100+ friends
on Facebook
half of whom we will never see.
We Tweet every aspect of our lives
but forget the most important thing
that is to live!
Social media is taking its toll
we have lost everything that made us
Quick to share our views of the world
that is eating us alive before typing
the words out. Viewers, chiming in on
the fun picking and tearing at another’s
mistaken for stupidity, stupidity took for intellect.
Our unstimulating minds feeding the lies.

— To’Wednesday Sibley & Xavier Frazer, Click


I am Xavier Frazer, but you can call me Xay. Father first, Poet second. I am from Kingston, Jamaica. “Pen to paper defines me, the art of writing confines me. Poetry is my freedom, without it I will go insane.”

• • •

Hello, my name is To’ Wednesday—seriously. I’m an old soul living in a twenty-three-year-old body. I’m a Nevadan and a creative writing major who likes social studies and history.