Untitled One-hundred

Come love, and let this journey of




flight so even the


could envy us.


Earth’s Daughter

How can you not love

the melanin the gods of Earth have

blessed me with? Even the sun was

jealous it couldn’t pierce through me.

She Liked The Way They Died

She watches the sky

a horrific shade of black

air heavy with mortal


Her tail glitters ever shade of blue

webbed claws sharp as razors

emerged from the sea

assembling herself onto an ice floe

gazing at the dying subjects,

sinking to the depths of the ocean.

The mermaid snapped out of her trance,

turning to see a youthful maiden with hair like that of the sun;

who drifted far from her kin.

With amusement, the mermaid watched

as the bright haired child struggled to stay afloat

her pleading eyes sinking below.

— Day Sibley, She Liked The Way They Died 

written and revised since 2011

A Woman’s Mirror

A blessing it would be if women could

love one another instead of competing

against each other.

— Day Sibley, A Woman’s Mirror 


A Woman’s Worth

The greatest sin the world forbids a woman to do, is love herself.

See, she is the wife before she is an  individual. The mother  who

cares for herself last. Someone’s sister or aunt. She never belongs

to herself. God forbid she does.

— Day Sibley, A Woman’s Worth

I’m a womanist first

and a feminist second.

—  Bee Polard

Untitled Eighty-nine

If I told you,
you can find the beauty
in my fallen grace
would you believe me?

— Day Sibley, Untitled Eighty-nine 

Black Stilettos


They’re black as night.
I put them and become something new.

The one you’d wish you have
the one you wish you could
hold hands with.

Your dirty fantasies
where you lay your head.
The succubus
who leaves you breathless

the girl you cum to
the one you desire

when I transforms
into my black stilettos.

— To’Wednesday Sibley, Black Stilettos

It’s an old poem I thought I’d share. By the way, Day/ To’Wednesday
are the same entities, one is my pen name the other is my real one. 

Untitled Eighty-one

They actually can give two shits and zero fucks

Don’t put to much thought
into people who don’t care
about your being.

— Day Sibley, Untitled Eighty-one

He Called Me a Wild Woman

B. Riggs

you and the wild are one. longing/ brewing/ waiting to be liberated.

relinquish all/ that has been repressed. thrive in danger/ take flight

dare/ seize the adventures/ one would cower to.

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I tempted you with my words
hands playing on your bare skin
caressing your firm breasts.
You lying on my bed, moans
escaping our mouths. Me looking
into your eyes, you looking into mine.